Our Charter

We, the founding members of the Memphis C.S. Lewis Society, have as our purposes:

(1) To bring together those in the local area who share for C.S. Lewis a special admiration and love and an active interest;

(2) To meet and provide fellowship and encouragement to those who in their life’s journey share an affinity to the Spirit demonstrated by C.S. Lewis in his life and work;

(3) In our meetings to consider all aspects of this rare man, and any matters on which his thought may shed light;

Kimball, MI, USA – July 31, 2011: A complete seven-book boxed set of C.S. Lewis’ classic Chronicles of Narnia series. This version is a first edition set from Collier Books in 1970.

(4) To assemble and keep a repository of short writings, audio tapes and other media by and about C.S. Lewis, not yet collected into book form; to help as we may toward an eventual definitive edition of the writings of C.S. Lewis; to encourage scholarship and publication stemming from his writings;

(5) To encourage as we may, within the bounds of delicacy and decorum, the quality of Holiness so evident in Lewis himself;

(6) To make discrete overtures to persons not familiar with the writings of C.S. Lewis, but who are clearly afoot on their life’s pilgrimage and who may have – even unawares – an affinity for the Christian Spirit that he represents, and to whom his writings may prove, as to us, welcome guides;

(7) To establish and maintain contact with others throughout the world who share our active interest in C.S. Lewis;

(8) To work in cooperation with other Societies throughout the world which are similarly engaged in promoting the spirit of the life and work of C.S. Lewis;